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Can you learn how to swim
by reading a book?

No, you can’t.
Similarly, you can’t learn entrepreneurship by watching a video, reading a book or
taking a quiz. Learn to do entrepreneurship with Launchspace.


Solve real-world problems and lessons on our dedicated app


Interact with mentors in engaging live sessions. No sickening webinars!


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The only live-action entrepreneurship
program in India

Launchspace give you a tailored learning path, so that as a budding college student
or young professional, you have all the right skills to succeed.

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Design Thinking Essentials

Learn how to solve complex problems with a Design Thinking mindset and tools.

10 days

2 live sessions with experts

45 minutes per day

15 learners registered

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Innovation Strategy

Understand the nature of innovation & how you can leverage tools to bring it into your life.

7 days

2 live sessions with experts

45 minutes per day

*pre-registration open

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Learn how an entrepreneur identifies problems and solves them through 'experiments'.

7 days

2 live sessions with experts

45 minutes per day

*pre-registration open

What do they say about us?

Most people (almost all of them) absolutely love learning with Launchspace.
Here's what a few of them have said-

I have come up with so many ways of coming up with, understanding and solving a problem. I like how Launchspace makes us interact with new people and teaches us to work as a team.

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Vishwa Pragnya

B.Tech III Year student

I learned how to interact with people and empathise, how to find problems, and how to find solutions for the problems I have identified.

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Madhavi B.

B.Tech II Year student

Launchspace's challenges and tasks helped me manage my time and improve my logical and reasoning ability, and helped me look at problems from a new perspective.

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Joshua Sausheel

B.Tech II Year student

All sessions were very good and informative, we learned a lot and found the path to frame the problem and solve it... It was awesome...

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Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Professor - EEE

I loved being a part of it. Each and every challenge and fun activity has something deep to learn.

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Veena Srimanthula,

B.Tech II Year student

The way the lessons and challenges were created was fun and interesting. The hands-on learning experience made it very engaging!

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AV Shree Anurag

B.Tech III Year student

Learn for the job you want, not for the job you have

We are aware that resources are limited and jobs are running out.
The skills of the future are very different than what we’ve been taught in school or university. Where else are you being taught these?


“Having run 2 startups, working as a management consultant in the past, and mentoring multiple startups, I’ve learnt a lot from the school of hard knocks!

Our programs are like none others- they distill this knowledge into practical steps."

Abhimanyu Bhardwaj

CEO & Co-founder of Launchspace.in
Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission (NITI Aayog, India)
ex-consultant for Innovation at TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge )

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Launchspace has been working in entrepreneurship development for the past year.
We’ve equipped a dozen colleges and over 2500 students with the
entrepreneurial mindset.

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