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Today’s students face an uncertain future. Jobs appear and disappear every day. In an ever-changing world, two core skillsets will stand the test of time: entrepreneurship and innovation. With these skills, students acquire confidence and clarity for career placements. Through our offerings, students prepare themselves for any future career they choose.

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"You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over."


What makes you entrepreneurial ?

Our Launch Readiness Index is an online test that determines the gaps in your students' entrepreneurial skills in just 15 minutes. It is easy to organise for your entire college and gives you a bird's eye view of the areas where your students need training and improvement. We also create custom lesson plans for them on the Launchspace platform.

Fill the gaps in
career readiness

Empower talented
budding entrepreneurs

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Educating future entrepreneurs

On the Launchspace platform, students find lessons to polish their strengths and build up their weaknesses. Lessons are supplemented with ground level challenges so students get a real-world sense of their learnings. Challenges sponsored by corporate entities provide students with employment opportunities and much needed career exposure.

Students learn entrepreneurship skills

Real-life challenges strengthen entrepreneurship concepts.

Coaching faculty in entrepreneurial approaches to educating

We provide workshops to college faculty on entrepreneurship and innovation. Educators play an important role in shaping college students for their futures. With our faculty development programs, educators can be instrumental in preparing students for future careers or ventures.

  • Faculty learn entrepreneurial approaches to teaching
  • Champion entrepreneurship on campus.

College environments designed for innovation

We consult with you to build a physical environment that fosters innovation. Following best practices in designing for innovation, the on-campus incubator will let colleges pioneer academic innovation. Innovative academic institutions appeal to both prospective students and potential corporate partners.

  • Modular and custom-built atmospheres that drive innovation in colleges
  • Build a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation on campus


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